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To develop a brand you can be proud of, it’s important that you’re a part of the process. Our Blue Sky sessions not only provide your company with a unique market approach but ensure that you know what we are capable of and we properly understand your product. It’s all about teamwork!

Blue Sky Session/Project Concept

Branding & Print Design:

We have an extensive history in print. The legacy of our company has produced award-winning innovative branding and design solutions for clients since the late ‘70s. While many of our requirements are simple branding and tactical we have also innovated in the realms of the integration of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) into our print pieces.

Branding & Print Design

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Website Development:

From simple sites to leading-edge web architecture solutions, this is one of our core offerings. We can change the way the world finds, sees and interacts with you.


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Visual & Audible Format Mediums:

Our team at Harkus has consistently won awards for our creation of creative media imagery since we delved into creative content development. A crucial aspect of marketing, your media imagery is the face of your brand and defines your print, social media, radio, television, web as well as physical locations. Marketing is only as good as the content in it.

Video, Photos and Audio

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Copy is essential in the development of a brand. We pride ourselves on the development of your unique tone and style of written communication.


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Touchscreens, VR, AR & More:

Harkus began it’s tech innovations with a Bluetooth application in the early 2000s that led to an immediate 400% sales growth for our client. From there, we have pioneered in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, touchscreens, RFID & more. We even created the first augmented reality app in the world that allowed you to walk down streets that hadn’t been built yet, right to the very front of your new home.

Technology - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Touchtables

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We Deliver

results that you can see and measure! Not only do we ensure that your campaign targets your ideal audience, we consistently review the project direction against your goals to ensure proper course direction as we move forward. 

Additionally, we can integrate with your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems making the process seamless. This allows us to provide real-time detailed reports and analytics with reliable and accurate reporting tools. Watch the video to see an incredible example of a project coming to fruition for one of our clients.

Brand Assessment

Define potential pain points in your brand perception

Brand Creation

Develop a correction plan, even a brand rebuild

Brand Proliferation

Integrate your polished brand into all of its assets.

Brand Creation

Develop a correction plan, even a brand rebuild.

Brand Proliferation

Integrate your polished brand into all of its assets.

ROI Tracking

Track and report your brand’s success.

From Start to Finish

We have you covered.

With our unique holistic approach, we can (1), help you define potential pain points in your prospect’s brand perception (2), develop a correction plan, even a brand rebuild (3), integrate your polished brand into all of its assets and (4), track and report your brand’s success! We are committed to the success of your brand.

Our Design


What Our Clients Say

Christopher Lower

Author, PR & Social Media Strategist

Scott is a Search Engine Jedi and has The Viral and Traditional Marketing skills to take your company to the next level!

Linda Wittig

Marketing & Communications Professional

Scott is a visionary who strives to keep the client's best interest in mind. His relationship management skills, while juggling many projects at the same time, are inspiring. He's the guy you want to work with when your project has multiple moving parts and needs a creative twist. He's patient, encouraging, kind and has a great sense of humour. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to work with him. One of the best in the field in my opinion. You should hire him!

Roger Kondrat

Full Stack Web Developer | Freelancer

Scott is a very detail oriented leader, who communicates his goals and expectations clearly. He knows exactly where we all need to go, no one is left to wonder what they are to do and how they are to do it. As well he is fearless in his pursuit of client success. Additionally Scott is very accessible no matter the situation or the degree of work/stress he may have at any given time. Always there is time for those he works with regardless of whether they are employees, partners or suppliers. I will continue to work with, partner with and participate in opportunities with Scott as long as those opportunities present themselves.

Marlon Kevlar

Executive Director at GreenScore Canada

Scott is the most effective commercial artist I have ever worked with. He has the rare gift of being able to get consensus from all stakeholders in a project even if they have competing interest. That combined with his creative abilities makes him a person I would hire without hesitation.

Jeff B. Wilkie

Honorary Canadian Global Ambassador at GIC Capital Corp.

Scott has earned my respect. We had a new start up with no end of pressure and deadlines and Scott handled all the multi tasking and conflicting deadlines with class and professionalism. He never lost his cool when others did. It was great to work with him.

Sandi Serr

Marketing Consultant & Independent MONAT Global Marketing Partner

Scott offers superlative marketing expertise specializing in marketing strategies and brand development. As a multi-family builder of a reputable and award-winning company that has been around for 30 years it is imperative that we have the best full service marketing and creative team giving us 100% of their attention. Scott continually goes above and beyond to ensure our marketing needs are met. He believes in stepping out of the typical boundaries that may be set within our industry so that we may shape the image of our company in a positive yet innovative way. By doing so he has managed to distinguish our marketing from the competition by introducing innovative technologies with interactivity as well as traditional marketing integration.

Daryl Maksymec

Owner - Colloco Enterprises Inc.

Scott Baird’s mind blowing approach to everything he is involved in is light years ahead of anyone else I know. He steps outside the boundaries of what is possible, looks back, laughs, and then makes it possible. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott for some time now and I’m excited to be involved with such a brilliant mind. Above all, I was impressed with Scott’s ability to continuously make solid decisions. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m glad to be along for that wild ride!

Johan Rothzén

Managing Partner at Oplii

Scott is a talented individual, whether you need help with a traditional media campaign or social media initiative, Scott has the pulse on both and will be able to bring a lot of experience to the table. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to brand development and branding strategy. Thinking about growing your brand? Look no further!

Christopher Lower

Author, PR & Social Media Strategist

Scott is a Search Engine Jedi and has The Viral and Traditional Marketing skills to take your company to the next level!

Cathy Paper, M.A.

Founder, Networking Coach & Business Dev Coach

Scott Baird is a powerful web partner. He thinks about your business, gets the interactive space better than most and is a strategic thinker. I hired him for the Harvey Mackay project again and again. He was always able to add great value, good ideas and creative ideas that drove results. He's as strategic and creative as they come.

Andrew Steingas

Marketing Professional

Scott is a very creative talent whose grasps on modern marketing techniques and strategies are second to none. His hands on approach to media, marketing and public relations have given him a wealth of knowledge and experience in an industry that changes so rapidly. Few people actually know and understand modern media and Scott is definitely one of those people. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a beneficial working relationship.

Sebastian Salazar

Social Media and Video Production

Scott is a leader and an innovator in how people, organizations and businesses see themselves through the lens of social media. He has brought a unique idea in SMBYYC to Calgary and is cultivating an intelligent, informed and well connected community. He has created an environment where people can share ideas, opinions and perspective about social media like never before in this town. A visionary, a true leader, and a wealth of information, experience and perspective. No one else is doing what Scott is doing right now.

Joseph Olson

Director of Admissions at Saint Agnes School

Scott helped me out at Augeo Affinity Marketing in creating and implementing a social media platform from which we are able to service our clients. Scott was great to work with in that he was so creative. With his vast knowledge of the many marketing tools online he was able to help me taylor our platform to fit our various needs. He is always willing to answer any questions I may have, he is extremely prompt, and remain very professional while at the same time speak to me and my level of understanding. Scott comes highly recommended by the Augeo Interactive dept. Thanks man!

Leigh Bailey

Experienced CEO Advisor | CEO On-Boarding | Executive Leadership Team Development

Scott is very knowledgable regarding websites and social networking and very willing to share his knowledge. He is personable and understands how to link our business strategy with web strategy.

Pat Lothrop

Host at Diamond Willow Bed & Breakfast

Scott's passion is evident in all he does. He helped put together a terrific campaign that concisely promotes the product with awesome visuals and a tagline that is effective and catchy. Scott's advise and direction vis a vis the web site and new social media directives have been informative and pertinent to our needs. We're learning a lot!

Leann Lindahl

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Best Care

Scott is full of concepts and knows how to implement them. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creative, innovative ideas. Scott always brings something new to the table and makes it a realization.

Donna McTaggart

Founder - Live Loved

Scott had the vision to begin Social Media Breakfast in Calgary. It was at the first event that I had the pleasure to meet him. He invited guests from his network and created a community where people felt comfortable to network, ask questions and develop relationships with others that had similar questions. Scott continues to work on his craft. His skills help brands communicate with their markets. Always wanting to push the boundaries of new technologies has brought him to a space where augmented reality is a new reality. I am excited to see his business grow exponentially. I would highly recommend Scott for any of your marketing needs, including creative direction, advertising, design creation and client relationship management.

Mary Lower

Owner/Chief Storyteller Sterling Cross PR

Scott is has an amazing aptitude of taking his wildly creative vision and creating campaigns that make an amazing impact for our clients. His work ethic is incredible and sense of humor is, well I’ll just say, funny!

Kimberley Orr

Senior Marketing Coordinator at Streetside Homes

I enjoyed working with Scott who created innovative and unique marketing and branding campaigns and salescentre designs for Albi Homes. He was also instrumental in developing a new logo for Albi's Renovation company, Albi Renova, which I believe showcases the class and embodiment of what Albi group of companies is all about. Scott is extremely personable and has excellent writing skills.

Josh Kellendonk

Solutions Architect at Colloco

When Scott coordinates projects he enables everyone to focus on their primary goals without being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the work being done. The projects that I have worked with Scott on have all been resounding successes. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him for projects of any scale.

Virginia Ashley

Practice Development Manager at Microsoft

Scott is a great designer and has a fantastic work ethic. He is a self starter with loads of talent and creativity. I highly recommend Scott Baird.

Patricia Pearson

Vice President / Owner at Atomic Props & Effects, Ltd.

Scott took our ideas for a new web site to another level for us. We are in the advertising industry and image is reality. He pushes the envelope and has the knowledge to back his recommendations. He was able to keep the project moving forward in a timely manner, was open to changes we made during the process, enthusiastic about his work, and ultimately made us look good.

Connie Leidal

Marketing Consultant

Scott and his team worked closely with Dundee Developments in creating a new campaign for our community, Montrose in High River. Scott was instrumental in redoing the web site which works very well for us and the builders to update anytime. Scott is extremely knowledgeable in social media and has developed a Social Media Breakfast which as helped me to understand social media better. Scott goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are satisfied with his service...I would highly recommend Scott.

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