Less confusion

Feeling disjointed from your brand? Not sure if you’re supposed to have a brochure or a website…maybe both? Perhaps you have a logo or an idea for a business; whatever stage your business is, at harkus will integrate your marketing needs into a seamless and consistent strategy. Designs with the right formula, at the right time, with the right medium.

Less clutter

Less is more. Put trust in the experts to service your brand and what is put onto paper. Highly experienced designers with proven track records of success are ready to fill your needs. Less clutter, less confusion, more results.

Less waste

Face it your brand is social, it likes to talk; but is anyone listening? Spend less time repairing and more time being found by customers. What is your brand doing online when you’re not driving it? You built a website and a Facebook page, that’s nice. Let Harkus determine what strategy is needed to get all the online parts synchronized. That means your website, social media, video, and the analytics behind it all. More track-ability and engagement, increased presence, more “likes”.

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Integrated Marketing

Strategies aimed at unifying different marketing elements that are collectively affecting each other. Each strategy has a holistic approach and includes elements such as web, video, social media, brand identity, design and/or production. Your brand is approached from every angle to integrate the best strategy for success.

Brand Development

Your business at the core: who you are talking to (where/when/how); the foundation for all other components to build on. Your brand statement & visuals will serve as your measurement in evaluating any & all marketing materials /strategies.

Print Design & Production

Mentioning business cards, brochures, direct mail, advertisements, point of sale materials, or financial reports does not even begin to scratch the surface. The tangible reference in how your customers perceive your goods and/or services.

Web Design & Development

Can your customers find you online? Are you online? Perception equals reality. Let harkus build a site that reflects your brand identity and integrates with the rest of your marketing plans. Many strategies will utilize intranet, e-commerce, and related solutions to engage customers.

True Social Engagement Marketing

Intelligently conveying your brand’s message across multiple digital platforms. Everything has a voice online which makes your marketing track-able and open to analysis. Social Media is much more than creating an account; it’s about engagement and talking to your customers daily through various online mediums (then finding out where they came from!).

Salescentre & Retail Conceptual Design

People attract people. Enhance your point of sale to be highly visual, interactive, & memorable. From wall murals, walk path areas and furniture placement to presentation materials; create a cohesive approach in your sales arena.

Video / Touchscreen Development

Give your business a virtual life, talk about a great initiative, make a corporate announcement, the list is endless. Be interactive and engaging by adding digital touch-screens in your sales center/area, retail space, and/or event.

Augmented Reality applications

Augmented reality is an ideal vehicle that allows us to add more information to something that is static. View a building on-site before it’s even built, or bring your ad to life as a professionally developed video all simply by scanning with your mobile device. The potential for this marketing component is truly limitless with the right idea.

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